Jackalope Farm and Eco-Art Studio

Art is where you find yourself – Nenio Neniu

Camps and Classes

Art Camps and Classes

Jackalope Farm Eco-Art Studio is dedicated to providing art classes rich in art experiences that aim to boost creativity and a life long love of Art making.

*Summer Art Camps (ages 4-10 and 7 to 14)
*Saturday morning Paint and Draw for Young Artists (ages 8 and up)
*Paint Nights (teen to adult)
*Explore This! Workshops designed to explore various media (teens to adult)
*Art Social  – An opportunity to work on your own project with other artists/friends
*Private Lessons (teen to adult)

We paint in various media including pencil, ink, charcoal, conté, markers, crayon, and coloured pencil.  We paint in oils, acrylic, and watercolour.
We make art with clay, wool felt (Wet and Needle) paper, natural and found objects, up-cycling, re-cycling, fabric, and more. We make animated films, take photographs and make prints!

Lessons are based on traditional fine art principals drawing from several art instructional programs for children and adults.

In the studio we create a warm, relaxed and attentive environment where the basics of art making are learned in a stress free and refreshingly creative way.

Artistic creativity can be applied to any profession.
Art is great stimulation for the brain and a wonderful form of relaxation and stress taming.  A love of Art and art making provides a lifetime of enjoyment.
Everyone benefits from art making from children to adults we can facilitate a life long love of art.

We suggest starting off by giving us a call so we can discuss your personal interests and goals.  We can arrange for you to come to the studio for a one to one consult.  There is no charge for you consult, it gives us a chance to help you decide what you want to do.

(613)-264-8838  between 9 am and 7 pm ask for Jo

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